Klickitat Fund, LLC

No matter where your search fund journey leads, Klickfund is there to help.

We have run businesses and we have run rivers.

We approach challenges as opportunities for learning, growth, fun and profit.

 Our goal is to help you achieve success, with resources, guidance and support.

We're here to help, investing our time and money in you!

The formula:  YOU  +  Klickfund  =  Search Fund Succe$$!

Ultra Long Term Equity Investments

Why Klickfund?

Here's what Portfolio CEO's say about our Principal...

"...active and engaged board member who brings insight and leadership..." Steve O.
"...has always shown a deep interest and care for me as a person."
Alex S.
 "...always excels at whatever business he runs, mentors or advises..."
Jim L.
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