Klickitat Fund, LLC

Klickitat Fund, LLC is a privately held investment company with investments in small to mid-sized private companies through Search Funds, start-ups and venture funds in the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington State. The name comes from the rural area of Washington State that our founder comes from and loves--Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Lewis, Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties generally border the Columbia River and it's tributaries, and include some of the most beautiful fishing, biking, hiking and camping lands in the country, as well as some of the most productive softwood forests in the world. The rafting photos on this site were taken on the White Salmon River near the West border of Klickitat County. The Klickitat people, who inhabited these environs at the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition and impart their name to our fund, lived in harmony with the land and resources as mobile hunter-gatherers: They cared for the resources and kept them viable forever. We invest for the ultra long term, with no plans to sell!


For 20 years, Klick Fund has invested in Search Funds and Search Fund acquired companies. The Search Fund Model was created by Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Irv Grousbeck, who along with fellow GSB Instructor Bill Lazier, taught a class in entrepreneurship to our founder in the mid-80's. Since that time, the search fund model has grown and prospered, as evidenced by the most recent GSB Study   Our returns have consistently exceeded the averages shown in the GSB Study, and we take an active advisory role in each company with as little or as much involvement as desired by the CEO-Searcher. 

Our venture and early stage investments are focused in the Pacific Northwest, and are sourced through TiE Oregon and the Oregon Venture Fund. Oregon and Washington have an active and innovative high tech culture, and companies from the region have shaped many industries, from online shopping, to software, to telecommunications, to athletic apparel and shoes, to chip manufacturing and to forest products and paper. 

We actively search for odd lot forestry land parcels in Southwest Washington State, because of Washington's tax environment and forest practices laws, and we specialize in recently logged parcels with riparian areas that are ready for replanting. Our hold time exceeds our life, as the trees we plant will be harvested by others.








Our Principal

Hal Mottet was born in Washington and is a Westerner through and through. Since selling his last company, Empire Packaging & Displays, to Smurfit-Kappa in 2016, he has focused on helping entrepreneurs and CEO's achieve excellent results. Hal majored in Forestry (BS '80) at the University of Washington, and got an MBA  in 1986 from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In his career, Hal was responsible for over 280 month end closings! In his spare time, he fishes for Salmon and Steelhead and makes wood sculpture at his place in the country outside Wilsonville, Oregon.

Salmon in the summer, or Steelhead in the winter, I'm ready!